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The website’s content consists of a “webdoc” (a 95 minutes interactive documentary film with web-based technology that allows the user to interact and to browse freely, without any need for prior registration) titled Orgull de Baix (Baix Pride). All the contents of the website, including the texts, images, sound and any other material, are the property of:
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The responsibilities of the users
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Conditions of participation and privacy
All those wishing to use the participation tools of this website must accept the following conditions:
Use of the website and participation in the webdoc shall be governed by the rules contained in this disclaimer and by the conditions of participation, in accordance with current legislation, good manners, the principles of good faith and, particularly, full respect for the dignity of others, the protection of personal data, the rights of image, honour and personal and family privacy, and intellectual and industrial property rights.
Users may add content at those places and points in the webdoc expressly indicated for said use, and in accordance with the stated purpose and instructions.
The user is the sole person responsible for the use he/she makes of webdoc, and for any content he/she posts in same.
When posting content in the participative activities, the user duly and expressly authorises the reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication (including the making available) of said content, so that it may be incorporated into the webdoc and used in any field and medium. This cession of rights is understood to be carried out on an indefinite, universal, free and non-exclusive basis (that is, the user may reuse his/her own content on other websites), and with the power to cede said content to third parties in the event of the cession of the total or partial use and operation of the webdoc.
All users duly give their consent that any personal data included in the public part of the webdoc (including their name and surname[s]) may be accessed by third parties over the Internet, by the mass media or in any field and format in which the webdoc may be used or operated.
The user undertakes to distribute only original contributions, and to only include materials and/or personal data of third parties if the user has been granted the corresponding authorisation and legal cover. Likewise, the user promises not to violate the rights of third parties, such as the rights of image, honour, privacy, intellectual and industrial property, and any other right, for which the user shall duly accept all responsibility in the event of non-compliance with same.
The user undertakes not to carry out any actions that might bother or inconvenience other users, or which may impair the normal functioning of the webdoc.
Al Pati Produccions reserves the right to remove any user’s contribution if it is deemed to breach these participation conditions, or in the event of complaints by third parties.
In the event that a user believes that any of his/her rights are being infringed through this website, he/she may communicate this to the operator using the contact address In order that this possible infringement might be duly assessed, the user must provide his/her complete identification details (name and surname[s], contact address), as well as identifying the specific content in question and demonstrating by means of a declaration the veracity of the data provided, and that the person is entitled to make such a complaint.